Escaping The Battle

It loomed above her, like a star, it seemed unreachable, but it was her goal to reach it, no matter how much she had to struggle to get it. Below her the bloodcurling screams and thunderous crashes of the battle raged on. Beneath her feet was a battle field, a slaughterhouse, an abattoir of terror. From the petrifying sounds below, she was given fuel to carry on. One at a time. One at a time. She repeated over and over in her head a million times as she climbed the rungs to the only exit left. She was fleeing the battle, the others would think of her as a deserter, an absconder, nothing but a coward. Unlike them, she had something to go back to though. Little did they know, but what she was doing the most courageous thing she could do.One at a time. One at time.She repeated, staring at the rungs like a hawk, her eyes were having to adjust to the light above, so she knew she was close. In her haste, one of her feet slipped,and in that terrifying moment her heart was in her mouth and she could feel in beating. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Thumping wildly like rabid animal inside her trying to escape. Regaining her grip on the rungs, she continued upwards. She began to wonder what foreign things were above her, and how her comrades were going down below. Someone would already have been redeployed in her position by now, they were quick like that. At last the light seemed close enough to see what was beyond the darkness below. As she neared the light, she realised an oversight she had made. The outside world was cut off by four metal bars closing the gap that would take her away from the hell she had been in. She gulped her dismay, unsure what to do. Should she go back to the battle? There was nothing else to do, expect to let go of the rungs and fall……