Katy Perry, Rihanna, Justin Bieber; these names all belong to ‘singers’. I think calling these three people, and many other modern artists, ‘singers’, is an over-statement. What ever happened to Led Zep, The Eagles, Beatles? Now those were real singers, they wrote real music, good music, not lovey-dovey teenage crap. They worked hard to get their lyrics pumping through global microphones and amps.

Today, ‘singers’ like Rebecca Black, don’t even have to try, just a couple of rich parents and, ‘Ta Da!’, we have our own album. Next we have ‘artists’ like Skrillex, their ‘music’, isn’t even music, it’s a bunch of stupid noises and a mismatch of sounds from the latest songs all molded together to create a hideous sculpture. A stream of modern music is flowing from global talent shows like; American Idol, X Factor, and Some-countries Got Talent. There are actually some remarkably talented people on these sort of shows, but due to the fact that majority votes come from teenagers, the good singers get bumped and instead we’re left with Reece Mastin. One day a random, new song by a random, new artist pops up, and we’re left wondering who the hell they are. If you really want to find out, just wander through a college/highschool, you’ll find out soon enough from a group of gabbling girlies who watch X Factor every night.

Is modern music even about music anymore? Music videos by ‘artists’, such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are unsuitable and provocative. I don’t particularly like it when I turn the t.v on a see Lady Gaga almost naked rolling around like a bath. Her music video for “You And I”, is more of a porno than a music video. Music is enjoyment for our ears, not murder to our eyes.

Above: One of Katy Perry’s concerts. Took me a while to photo of her not dancing on stage props, or wearing a strange outfit. 

From this article you’ve probably gathered that I’m no pop lover. This is kind of true, depending on what you call pop. The Black Keys? Are they pop, rock & roll, or alternative? Sometimes I wonder what artists follows what genre. Last week I found out that, what I thought was a rock band is actually in a genre called ‘electronic’, is that half techno and rock, or what? Why don’t we have three genres; Okay, bad and Amazing, is would be much easier. An example of okay music is Six60 and Maroon 5, bad music – One Direction and Katy Perry. Amazing   Adele and Colplay, note, I have chosen only modern 21st century artists. Of course I know that opinions are probably different, so tell me what you thinks Okay, Bad and Amazing, I’d like to hear, it can be from 1000B.C to 2012.