Lately, I’ve noticed I only have one post in my photography category, and decided I need more. So here’s my second photography post, obviously you’ll noticed I’m not a very good photography, but I enjoy photography and creating captions for my work.

You may, (or may not) have read my poem about my dog, Monty. If you’ve read it you might think it’s a bit (ok maybe a lot) cheesy, and I suppose it is. To follow-up on the poem, I’ve decided to post some of my favourite photos of Monty, (excluding the one’s with me in the photo, sorry, you can’t see my beautiful face.)

So here’s the star of the show.

Taking a Dip

Some say he looks a cross between a dog and a sheep, I think he’s a cross between a dog and an otter, because he loves to swim.

Guard Duty, or King of The Couch?

This was his favourite couch before it disappeared, I can’t actually remember what happened to it. Anyway, the photo would look better without the shoes and helmet, oh well.

Once Upon A Time…..

Hard to believe he was so small…… And fluffy! Wasn’t he just the cutest puppy? *Sniffle*
So that about does it, if you want you can make a story out of these photos, I can read them to Monty as bedtime stories. No one probably will, but oh well, good to give things a shot, what’s the worst that could happen?