/Part One/Part Two/

The streets echoed with the cacophony of wild, drunken people who populated the nightclubs and casinos which made up the city. The city in mind, was Las Vegas, it’s mismatch of casinos littering the city center. Las Vegas’s city center was the rapidly beating heart of the city which never slept. Parties were ever constant in the small area of land which had the entire globe rolled up in it like a piece of sushi.

This was not the place where I wanted to be at the present, I remember what had happened. To my calculations, I had approximately 24 hours to straighten things out and be granted my life back. Should I leave Las Vegas while I have the chance? Or wait for my father’s gang to attack me?

A thoroughly drunken woman dressed in a skank outfit stumbled out the nightclub. I watch her worryingly for a moment, trying to recap on what had happened. The memory rushes back to me like a wave and I spring forward to catch the woman before she falls and cracks her skull on the pavement. The woman writhes in my arms, mutters a few incoherent words loudly, vomits over my legs before suddenly clawing at my face viciously.

“Your him, your him!” She screams, trying to escape my grasp, she manages to slap me across the face, her blood, red nails scarring my left cheek. I retreat as quick as coiled spring let loose, just as a night, black SUV leaps from behind an alley and charges towards me like a rhinoceros.

I fumble for the gun in my jacket, remembering the last scene, I feint a jump to the left but dive right just as gunfire opens up, biting through air to find my body. If my memory is correct, another car is about to turn up and my father is driving it, if I kill him, this will all be over. I only hope I have the nerves to kill him.