While fiddling with my blog I managed to change a setting and now I can’t get updates from the blogs I follow on new posts. (If you know how I can fix this please tell me!) Anyway, after about 2 weeks of not getting updated I’ve kind of lost connections with the blogs I follow, the last 2 days however, I have decided to flick through a couple. It seems a lot of writers are having the similar troubles with novel-writing like myself.

I’m 14 and started writing novels about 4-3 years ago, it’s humorous to trek down memory lane and see some of my first works of art. There’s about 30 stories saved on my little 2GB Toshiba memory stick, all small sparks of ideas I had once upon a time and all unfinished. Most novels I start, are lucky if they have the first chapter completed, it seems that the only 1 novel I wrote really got far and it was semi plagiarised and also my first attempt at a novel. It’s 108KB big, or 46 300 words long, the second biggest story I’ve attempted is 49KB, or 14 900 words, which I gave up on a month ago, it was of a completely different genre. (The bigger one was fantasy the other sci-fi).

 Most writers problems are editing, I leave that until I finish, of course I never finish though. My problem is that I feel my plot sucks, it was once a great idea which I believed would be the one, it is later dumped because I think the plot grew to be terrible. I can write the first chapter fine, it’s when the story becomes 4 chapters long that I decide I don’t like it, and I think it’s because it’s becomes too big for me to hold.

So now I’ve identified my problem, I need to prevent it from happening, or at least fix it. But how?! I believe my blog has helped me immensely, now I hope my few 33 followers or any other bloggers can help me.