All That’s Left


Quill Shiv’s Flash Fiction Faction Prompt

Once upon a time the water had been pure and blue like the sky, the trees had been lush, the canopy’s had burst with the robust noises of life. The people of the forest had nurtured their home of tranquility, unknown to destruction. Until Whik-utan-o created monarchy and took the throne.

The stumps in the murky water, are the ruins of the Gyi-yu Bridge, they are the mark of Whik-utan-o, the symbol of destruction. The Gyi-yu bridge had been the entrance to the people’s sanctuary, it had been the their temple, their belief, their idol.

That was before Whik-utan-o, when the Gyi-yu bridge had been found in the solid wood of the forest goddess; Fy’d-yu. Fy’d-yu had been the tallest, oldest tree in the forest, it had been the forest guardian with beautiful, bewitching tattoo’s embroided in its bark.

Because Fy’d-yu was their guardian, the people decided to build a bridge out of Fy’d-yu, which would be the entrance to their sanctuary. Some say that was why the forest fell, because Fy’d-yu was constantly watching the exterior. Little did Fy’d-yu know, that in the heart of the forest a tumor was growing, and growing, and growing. Whik-utan-o was born, his birth was the death of the forest, and the death of the forest was the start of his injurious reign.




Exactly 100 Words

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As I am part of the creative writer’s group at school, I wrote a 100 word short story for an end of term competition we had. Thought I’d post it, so here it is, hope you enjoy!

Nickel watched as the sky slowly morphed from sea blue to rusty red. As the sun sunk lower, it bathed the sky in a fiery blanket. Nickel peered through the drain grate, watching and waiting for the moon to take it’s place in the podium  up high. The algae green water was rising gradually like a crescendo, it was up to Nickel’s waist but he knew he must wait. In the distance, Nickel heard the patter of feet on the ancient concrete, and he knew it was almost time. He hoped so, before the rabid rat’s came out to feed.