A New Government System?

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The world seems to be suffering without many of us noticing or caring. Not just environmentally either, it’s quite obvious that many countries are having government difficulties. I may only be starting to notice it now because as I younger child I never really cared. It occurs to me though that disastrous media headlines usually relate to government issues, like recently; Libya, Egypt and Syria have all be revolting against their tyrant leaders. There’s also subtle problem’s occurring in bigger and apparently more prosperous nations like America who have troubles with healthcare and high unemployment. The EU also, seem to be having financial difficulties, or at least countries within the EU like Greece and Spain, there’s more and it’s said it could spread to bigger countries like United Kingdom and France. So if it’s these countries government causing the problem, what is the best government?

Well that depends on many different cases doesn’t it. For example, after the first world war, Germany plunged into depression along with many other countries. Unlike other countries though, Germany’s depression was worse as the nation was humiliated after the war, having been declared guilty of the cause of war, ( although it wasn’t). With the strict Versailles settlement in place, it seemed almost impossible for Germany to rise out of the ashes of war. Until Adolf Hitler came to reign, he remarkably pulled Germany from the deep, and although his actions of anti-Semitism and war were unspeakably horrible, the did a brilliant job of returning Germany to a prosperous nation. His government being dictatorship (or tyranny) worked exceptionally well under the circumstances, yet would not work for many countries of the present day.

Depression isn’t the problem in the present day, overpopulation and recession are. Dictatorship would no longer work for countries with threatening large population, as it would be simply be too much to handle for the dictator. Communism sounds very good on paper but has been proved a failure in practise. It could be one of the few solutions for America though. America from my view it like a cake, looks good on the outside, the media and tourism makes it look good, but there’s the unhealthy, high fat content side of it, or the healthcare crisis and high unemployment. To be honest, (I don’t want to offend anyone here) America is in a bit of a muddle, I wouldn’t know how to fix it other than filter out the bad but that’s easier said than done and would it do anything? Then again, the entire world is in a bit of a muck, human’s are stupid, and that’s coming from a humans perspective.

Maybe there should be a cryptarchy, (secret rulership) over the whole world by a group of people. In my opinion the first thing they would need to do is mass genocide on all people bad in society. Criminals. They’re a dead weight, why keep them? That would teach everybody, and stop people from becoming criminals themselves. That’s the first half of my government, the ‘dead weight’ policy. My next policy is similar to the moral; “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” except it would work in a rewarding way not as punishment. People would get paid as much as they work, someone works well they get paid well, someone who doesn’t work simply doesn’t get paid. They’re both harsh policies but it would straighten humanity out, in my opinion, for the better.

Nothing is ever declared plausible until it’s actually put to practise though.




Thanks to everyone who’s commented, liked, or just viewed my blog on saturday, got a new record of views in one day; 76. Next subject now, for homework over the holidays I have to write a maximum of 200 words, story, the theme is connections. I’ve written 2, and I’d like to see what you guys think is the better one, so here they are.


1.) The chain between them had snapped, Nickel found himself falling into a pit of despair, no safety rope to save him this time. Darkness engulfed Nickel, pulling his breath out of him, strangling him like a python, squeezing every millilitre of life out of him. Tears blinded him, but it didn’t matter, there was nothing to see, nothing but a world filled with melancholy. Nickel felt numb as he fell into depression, nothing mattered anymore, because of that he felt no emotion. Charlie’s line no longer dragged him along, for it was no longer there.

 After the accident, Nickel had been brought back to Earth, there had been a ceremony for him, a great celebration, but he’d been too drunk on depression to go. Now he lay alone in his old room, he ate and drunk, but mostly he slept under a concoction of anti-depressants.

 For once Nickel was awake, he watched dully as the door slid open to reveal a man; Jon.

I have something to show you, Nickel.” Jon whispered, his eyes shining with hope as he stepped aside to make way for another visitor. An emotion flickered inside Nickel, a spark of happiness.



2.) Lambs frolicked mirthfully in lush seas of green, birds chirped harmonies reflecting the beautiful morning. Past the fence, in the young forest, Zia waited, cascades of morning sunlight streaming through the trees. Inside Zia had a turmoil of emotions washing about like a witch’s concoction in a cauldron. Where was Zane? They were supposed to meet here after they’d lit their pyre’s.

 Suddenly the mental link Zia shared with her brother was torn, it had snapped like a rubber band pulled too tight. An accumulation of fear inside her broke free, tumbling through her, Zia’s breath came in short snatches as panic strangled her. The foliage near her rustled tremendously, Zia feared the worst but suddenly Zane crashed through the undergrowth, a mixture of sweat and blood dribbling down his smiling face. Zia ran to her brother’s aid, relief and worry infecting her.

 “I did it sis, but they cut our connection.” Zane whispered painfully, as Zia stroked away the blood, “Am I going to die, Zia?”

 “No little brother, I’ll fix you up.” Zia answered, forcing a trembling smile and pecking Zane delicately on his forehead as he was whisked into unconsciousness.


If you’ve read them both, then comment and say what one you like best, I’d really appreciate it, also constructive criticism is great.