Friday Fictioneers: Sharp Ends, Part 10


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As soon as I saw this prompt I knew what to write. The link to Madison Wood’s website where friday fictioneers is done, is here. Constructive criticism is welcome, I hope you enjoy.



Her emotional dam collapsed then, her thoughts and emotions spilling out like a waterfall.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry David! Because of you we were drowning in debt and you were drowning yourself in alcohol. I was angry at you and confused and he was just there, your brother helped me, cared for me and loved me, and then he left, and pretended it had never happened!” She cried, her guilt had its jaws tightly latched to her and was now tearing at her, spilling her blood.

She sobbed, tears and emotions saturating her, and then he was there, the man she had fallen in love with was holding her and helping her. She suddenly stopped and looked at him, in his abrasive palm was a collection of red berries.

“We eat these and we’ll never have to worry again.” David leaned forward and whispered softly.


Friday Fictioneer’s: Sharp Ends, Part 5


Sharp Ends Series/ Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 /

 Last week I asked for a more difficult photo, and we got one, thanks Madison I sure love a challenge. If your new to Friday fictioneers, click here, to see this weeks prompt and maybe even join in. Anyway, I’m carrying on with the ‘Sharp Ends’ series, here’s part 5 hope you enjoy and remember constructive criticism in welcome!

Tinted windows repelled curious eyes, although they didn’t prevent her from seeing out. Traffic lights brought the car to a standstill, she looked outside at a local McDonald’s and saw a pair of moths flutter about freely. She wished to grow wings and fly away like the moths, but she was a captive, bound by bonds from her past and him.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked, he turned around a mixture of emotions tangled in his smile, deep inside she could see he still loved her, but hurt and anger mirrored it for what she had done.

“Shut up and sit tight babe, we’ve got a long way to drive.”

Haiku Bombers: Sensitivity



 Flavours burst colour

Full of awesome energy.

Sweet, sour, bitter, fresh.


Curling wisps of scent.

Without this lustre in life

What would life be like?


 Whispers of legends,

harmonies of life itself,

We live to hear these.


 Talking brings us close,

Contact even closer still.

Emotions felt more.


History is made,

From what we see around us.

A life will seek sight.