Long time, no write


Woohoo! First I’d just like to celebrate the end of exams, which were actually last week, with the few remaining followers of mine, I don’t even know if your still out there and going to read this, I may be talking to myself but nevertheless. To celebrate the end of exams and pretty much year 10 all together, I think I’ll post an English assignment I had to do. Here it is, a sonnet to the book; Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, we actually did a novel study on it last year but the teacher allowed us to write a sonnet for it anyway.


Ender’s Game Sonnet


A boy of eight, a third surplus child.

With the world’s fate in his murderous hand,

Once guiltless, once mild, but now wild.

Shed of his sins in space, only to brand


His strangely innocent but injurious mark.

Loved and hated, friends and enemies made

Ender by name, ruined dreams as his stark

Journey to the top pool left others staid.


Petted, fooled, isolated and betrayed

A ruthless abyss opened beneath him

A breach into a nightmare to evade.

With hands mutilated by death and grim,


Thousands killed in his wake, forever dead

It seemed.  Yet no-one knew what lay ahead…




Thanks to everyone who’s commented, liked, or just viewed my blog on saturday, got a new record of views in one day; 76. Next subject now, for homework over the holidays I have to write a maximum of 200 words, story, the theme is connections. I’ve written 2, and I’d like to see what you guys think is the better one, so here they are.


1.) The chain between them had snapped, Nickel found himself falling into a pit of despair, no safety rope to save him this time. Darkness engulfed Nickel, pulling his breath out of him, strangling him like a python, squeezing every millilitre of life out of him. Tears blinded him, but it didn’t matter, there was nothing to see, nothing but a world filled with melancholy. Nickel felt numb as he fell into depression, nothing mattered anymore, because of that he felt no emotion. Charlie’s line no longer dragged him along, for it was no longer there.

 After the accident, Nickel had been brought back to Earth, there had been a ceremony for him, a great celebration, but he’d been too drunk on depression to go. Now he lay alone in his old room, he ate and drunk, but mostly he slept under a concoction of anti-depressants.

 For once Nickel was awake, he watched dully as the door slid open to reveal a man; Jon.

I have something to show you, Nickel.” Jon whispered, his eyes shining with hope as he stepped aside to make way for another visitor. An emotion flickered inside Nickel, a spark of happiness.



2.) Lambs frolicked mirthfully in lush seas of green, birds chirped harmonies reflecting the beautiful morning. Past the fence, in the young forest, Zia waited, cascades of morning sunlight streaming through the trees. Inside Zia had a turmoil of emotions washing about like a witch’s concoction in a cauldron. Where was Zane? They were supposed to meet here after they’d lit their pyre’s.

 Suddenly the mental link Zia shared with her brother was torn, it had snapped like a rubber band pulled too tight. An accumulation of fear inside her broke free, tumbling through her, Zia’s breath came in short snatches as panic strangled her. The foliage near her rustled tremendously, Zia feared the worst but suddenly Zane crashed through the undergrowth, a mixture of sweat and blood dribbling down his smiling face. Zia ran to her brother’s aid, relief and worry infecting her.

 “I did it sis, but they cut our connection.” Zane whispered painfully, as Zia stroked away the blood, “Am I going to die, Zia?”

 “No little brother, I’ll fix you up.” Zia answered, forcing a trembling smile and pecking Zane delicately on his forehead as he was whisked into unconsciousness.


If you’ve read them both, then comment and say what one you like best, I’d really appreciate it, also constructive criticism is great.

Teaching Techniques


I’d like to thank rich (http://brainsnorts.wordpress.com/) for giving me the idea of writing this post. I’ve been thinking for a while, about teacher’s today and their approach on teaching. I’m a student myself, and my teacher’s are all different, and I learn a different amount of knowledge from each one each lesson because of their teaching techniques.

My english teacher for example, is the type of teacher who, students who can be quite lazy, like. Last year I found she didn’t mind the class mucking around, or she didn’t know how to handle a class who muck around. Either or, I thought we didn’t do much work, I began to like english because we talked a lot and didn’t do much work. At the end of last year, I realised english wasn’t my favourite class because my grades seemed to wilt a little, unlike in social studies.

At the start of last year, I was excited about school, it was my first year of college what nerdish kid isn’t. I found out soon enough who my teachers were, and decided instantly I didn’t like my social studies teacher much. In social studies we always seemed to be doing work. Whenever we had a reliever teacher or went to the library, I celebrated a bit inside, it meant we wouldn’t have to do much work. At the end of the year, after exam results, I realised my social studies teacher was probably my best. All my hard work listening to them and surviving social studies paid off, I did well in that subject and actually got all of the highest marks on my end of year report, (yipee).

There are also teacher’s who suit different students, my brother for instance, liked one teacher that others didn’t. He often daydreams in class, that’s what the teachers say, the ones that tell him off for not paying attention, he often doesn’t like. The teacher’s who simply draw his attention back without making a deal out of it, he likes. I like teacher’s who push me to work, and don’t side-track and tell me  information I don’t need.

When it comes to learning, it’s the connection between the student and teacher, with the teaching technique between. That’s what I think anyway, if you think otherwise, then please comment, I’d like to hear.