Friday Fictioneer: Slave Bones, Part 5


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This is a tricky one for me trying to fit it into the slave bones series. The link to the prompt is here. Hope you enjoy and constructive criticism is welcome.




Rordan glanced about anxiously, suppressing the urge to awaken the guards at the sight of an unknown figure in the distance which created no threat for the time being. He scanned the dark horizon once more, it was incredibly hard to penetrate the blackness of the night’s shadowy blanket, this time he couldn’t see the figure. Fatigue played tricks with your mind, it brought up premonitory images and cast hallucinations of the unwanted or most wanted.

A strange gurgling howl rippled through the night, the howl of a Gunkiar. Rordan was overcome by trembling, he whimpered for a guard but his voice had been snatched by fear. Suddenly two white eyes blinked in the near distance, like two polished shells laying side by side on a black sand beach. They were pupil-less eyes, sparkling like sunshine spangled water, they disappeared and the squishy shuffling of a Gunkiar’s movements followed.




Friday Fictioneer’s Prompt

Darkness encased her, it coiled itself around her like a python, squeezing her tightly. She couldn’t breathe, when she tried to take a breath the darkness of the tunnel suffocated her. She had to escape, but how, she was in a dark tunnel of nothingness which never ended. Panic crawled up her throat, it’s tendrils reaching out to her brain, turning her brain into a puddle of nothingness. She would become part of the tunnel, like the tunnel, she would become nothing, but that wasn’t much of a change in her life.

She woke up gasping, her bed sheets strangling her, coiled around her from her frightened thrashing. It had been a dream, only a dream. No, correction, it had been a hallucination, she told herself, only a hallucination. Only?