Friday Fictioneers: Slave Bones, Part 4


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Friday fictioneers again, it feels so long since I have contributed because I missed last week ūüė¶ . Anyway, I saw the photo this week and couldn’t help recoiling in sudden disgust, why on Earth would you frighten us with such a picture Madison? Haha. This week I am continuing with the slave bones series, which I am actually writing as a draft novel at the moment. Now, onwards and upward, I hope you enjoy and constructive criticism is welcome.



Night had nestled upon the desert, Rordan¬†leaned against the crumbling brick of the building, peering¬†out a gap into the endless darkness. Fatigue weighed heavily on him, pulling him into sleep which was so tantalising. He couldn’t be seduced¬†by the beauty of sleep though, Gunkiar¬†roamed the desert at night when the temperature dropped and the sun didn’t reign, and Rordan was on watch.

Rordan¬†had been in the shackles of slavery for over a year, he’d encountered many of the desert dwellers but only twice had he felt the squirm of disgust from setting eyes on a Gunkiar. The wind¬†moaned¬†in his ears, it swirled up columns of sand, dyed black by the lack of light. Rordan’s eyelids drooped, sleep was slowly luring him in, he snapped them open and caught sight of a figure in the corner of his eye. His stomach clenched at the memory of the yellow pulsating creature which exuded frothy white poison and glistened with a sheen of sticky,¬†sand speckled liquid, was it a Gunkiar?




Friday Fictioneer’s Prompt

Darkness encased her, it coiled itself around her like a python, squeezing her tightly. She couldn’t breathe, when she tried to take a breath the darkness of the tunnel suffocated her. She had to escape, but how, she was in a dark tunnel of nothingness which never ended. Panic crawled up her throat, it’s tendrils reaching out to her brain, turning her brain into a puddle of nothingness. She would become part of the tunnel, like the tunnel, she would become nothing, but that wasn’t much of a change in her life.

She woke up gasping, her bed sheets strangling her, coiled around her from her frightened thrashing. It had been a dream, only a dream. No, correction, it had been a hallucination, she told herself, only a hallucination. Only?