Constellation Of Jewels


Spread out before me is a minefield of different colours, jewels of every colour and shade, sparkle before me like stars. Against the dull gray of the cold, lifeless concrete they look as bright as fresh, white snow reflecting in the brillant morning sun. One by one, I pick them up, examine them carefully, and label them according to their type, size and weight. Jade, quartz, pyrite, amethyst, ruby, even diamonds.  The Theif has done well with this batch,  I will pay him greatly. I continue to pick through the constellation of jewels, prowling through my fortune.

By Sphrbn


Secrets locked in ice


White mountain peaks licked the crimson red sky, and the fiery yellow glare of the sun made the snow coated mountains sparkle like magnesium set alight. Deep scars crisscrossed the mountains, created by milleniums of erosion, landslides, and other natural bullies that teared the mountains. As the sun began it’s final milestone in it’s journey across the sky, it covered the mountainous region in a warm, orange glowing blanket. Slowly the sun sinks out of sight, and the moon begins to take it’s place as the stars appear in the bruised, purple sky. As the sun’s final light dies, the sky turns black like the depth of the deepest sea, and the stars come out of hiding as their leader; the moon, takes it’s place on the podium in the night sky. The moon is bright and bulging, it leaks magnificent, silver light onto the mountains, it is their nightlight, protecting the mountains and it’s inhabitants, from the predator; the night. The mountains lie still and quiet, they are sleeping, their radiant, snowy glow is turned off like a lamp. These mountains that sleep, hold the secrets of their people, the secrets that are locked in their bones of ice. Deep within the mountains, kept in the cache of the mountains ribs, is the heart of the mountains and it’s people. It is was keeps the mountains alive, it is what the people gave the mountain, it is what they sacrificed themselves for. The beating, thumping, pumping heart is the peoples’ secrets, it is the peoples death and the mountains life, it is the secrets locked in ice.

By Sphrbn